Worcester Samaritans - Volunteer With Us!

Our confidential, 24-hour listening service, which never judges people, is at the heart of Samaritans - and there are many ways to contribute. By working together with the shared desire to help people experiencing emotional distress our volunteers make sure that our branch is well-organised and a supportive place to spend time. There are plenty of social activities too!
The branch plays a critical role where you live, helping local people who are struggling to cope with difficult and sometimes overwhelming emotions. It benefits by belonging to one of the most respected national charities in the UK. We provide an ongoing training to help you develop your interests and skills, and use award-winning new communications technology.
Samaritans volunteers are from all walks and stages of life. They touch another person's life when it really matters, either by discussing their feelings with them directly, or by keeping our branch running so others can. Say ‘yes’ to joining us, and we'll be behind you all the way with the training and backup you need.
Telephone Volunteer
If you volunteer as a ‘listener’ during the day, or at night, you'll develop the confidence and precious know-how to turn your natural instinct to want to help someone in difficulty into positive, sometimes life-changing support by phone, email, text message, letter, even face to face.
Support Volunteer
If you would like to be involved with Samaritans, but don't feel you could be a telephone volunteer you could consider becoming a Support Volunteer. This role is equally important and can be very rewarding as you help your local branch run smoothly and play a key role in keeping our vital service open. You can work behind the scenes in an administrative capacity, help maintain the building, or you can be involved in the many aspects of Samaritans Outreach work, such as; going into to schools and colleges as part our Outreach Team, attending Public Awareness Events or by working with local media to promote our branch and Samaritans through advertising, press releases and interviews.
As part of the Friends of Worcester Samaritans you could be involved in helping raise the funds that enable our branch to continue it's service 24/7. By attending public events with a collection tin, getting local businesses and organisations to have collection tins in their premises, or by being involved in the organisation of larger events. Whatever you choose you can help raise the funds that enable our branch to provide the services needed by the people of Worcestershire.