Winchester & District Samaritans put "Feet on the Streets"

Tuesday 21st February 2017
Winchester & District Samaritans are to pilot a new street program

UPDATE: 18.4.2017

Having observed the success of the "Feet on the Street" initiatives at other branches, Winchester Samaritans will be on the City streets and on hand to listen to passers by this Spring.

The pilot initiative will be a trial at first but the team and the project co-ordinator hope that it will become a permanent feature in the City, understanding the benefits that such an initiative can bring. Our Feet on the Street outreach team have been talking and observing similar projects, especially in Oxford (who we thank gratefully for their time and support in this). They are now preparing materials and procedures to be ready for the first outing on the21st April.

It's part of the proactive outreach programs that the branch runs, to get to the wider community to offer support to as many people as we can - and to raise awareness.

The Samaritans will be in one location in the City (near the Discovery Centre car park) with three volunteers, from 8pm to 10pm on Friday nights. 

This extension to our listening services, offers the chance for anyone to talk to us and to express themselves about any troubles or concerns on their mind in an informal and a confidential way.