Teesside Samaritans visit to Redcar Central Station

Teesside Samaritans meets with Network Rail to raise awareness for deaths by suicide on trains
Friday 24th July 2015
On 24th July ('24/7'),Teesside Samaritans joined Northern Rail at Redcar Central Station.

Over 200 deaths by suicide occur on the railway annually each year.To mark the date of 24/7, Teesside Samaritans chatted to commuters in Redcar to highlight the value in talking things through when life gets tough.


Judy Teesside Samaritans Volunteer

From 7am-11am, we were able to hand out flyers containing information about what Samaritans does, recruitment flyers, and even some pens! We hope our green tabards gained us some welcome attention, too.