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Samaritans Coast To Coast Walk - July 2018 Next Recruitment Information Event - 2pm, Sunday 30th September 2018 : Recruitment Selection Session - 2pm, Sunday 7th October 2018 : Training Course - Begins 16th October 2018 (Tuesday or Wednesday evenings 7pm to 10pm spread over 10 weeks).

2018 Events

Coast to Coast Walk - Samaritan Volunteers from across the Region gathered  at St Bees 21 July 2018

Coast to Coast Walk - Samaritans West Cumbria

Canine Support Branch Volunteers - Coast to Coast Walk 2018 (Observers only). 

Archived News 2017

Les Miserables’   Tuesday July 4th, 2pm.  Gaiety Cinema, Whitehaven

There are 200 tickets for sale.   Tickets can be bought at the door on the day or contact any branch member. As this is likely to be a very popular event it is advised that tickets are purchased in advance.  

Les Miserables won 5 Oscars and 2 Golden Globe awards.


50 Years Anniversary Celebration Event - Monday, 24th July 2017

Anniversary Dinner to be held at the Ennerdale Tap in Rowrah      
Time:   7pm, Monday 24th July. There is plenty of parking. Transport will also be provided and arranged. Details currently in circulation to all volunteers of the branch.


Sponsored Walk - Buttermere
Samaritans of West Cumbria held a sponsored walk around Buttermere Lake on Sunday 25th June 2017.

Volunteers from the West Cumbria  branch, joined by partners, family and friends + Max the Labrador Puppy, enjoyed a very enjoyable walk around the lake. The event was organised by Alastair who, supported by his wife Jackie, put together a stand with information leaflets, take away gifts and ample food and refreshments for all those who took part. 



Beacon Museum - Special Event
Samaritans Of West Cumbria – Hams and Sams!

Samaritans Of West Cumbria Showing visitors around their standImage of Derek (G1GDB) One of the operator of GB1SWC Amartur Radio Station helped by Joel logging contactsSamaritans of West Cumbria, alongside staff of the Beacon Museum in Whitehaven and local Radio Amateurs members of the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB), held a number of special events during the weekend of 11th & 12th March.

Volunteers from the West Cumbria  branch put together an attractive stand featuring displays of posters, information leaflets, video presentation as well as balloons and take away gifts., Volunteer listeners were also available throughout the whole of the weekend to discuss their work and provide individual confidential support should visitors want this. 

Sadly, the weather and radio reception conditions throughout the weekend were very poor but everyoneImage of Stuart (M0BCV) One of the operators of GB1SWC Amartur Radio Station rallied around and gave their very best despite the adverse conditions.

A number of visitors to the beacon were interested in the excellent display our branch team had put together as were those who also visited the Amateur Radio exhibits.

Whilst disappointed with the low numbers of visitors and less than anticipated radio contacts, it is right to say the event was a good publicity venture and a valuable learning experience for future large scale events. One visitor to the beacon received support from one of the branch listeners which made the event even more worthwhile.

Without doubt the exhibits on display during the weekend were of very high standard and was a fitting tribute to all those involved for producing such a professional looking job. 

The event was the culmination of months of planning and negotiations with all parties involved and the superb cooperation of Elizabeth Kwasnik, the Museum Director at the Beacon, and her staff team.

Perhaps in future years Samaritan branches across the UK and ROI may consider getting support of local Radio Amateurs to hold an “Annual Talk To Us Day” It is possible many of our existing volunteers already have Amateur Radio Licences or know someone who has?John (G0MTQ) operating GB1SWC with help of Joe logging contacts

Some Crude Statistics  :-

Details of the event were circulated by poster and social media including the branch web pages and the Beacon Museum media outlets. BBC Radio Cumbria provided a slot during the Val Armstrong show which featured a great interview with branch Director, Grahame. A short press release also appeared in the Whitehaven News.

During the weekend Amateur Radio Station, GB1SWC (Great Britain 1 ,Samaritans Of  West Cumbria) made 2 way contacts with nearly 300  Radio Amateurs stations in 33 different countries, including the USA, Kazakstan., Russia, Israel, Cyprus  and many other countries in Europe. .

News of the event featured in specialist Amateur Radio Publication in both conventional and digital editions with estimated circulation of over 25,000UK wide, and more than 155,000 in the USA and Internationally.

Over two and a half thousand hits were registered on Samaritans of West Cumbria Special Event (GB1SWC) Web Pages..

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