Supporting the work of Tyneside Samaritans in the Geordie Community

Monday 30th October 2017
How can businesses and companies based in Newcastle, Gateshead and North Tyneside support the work of Samaritans? Sponsorship - adopting as Charity of the Year. How can Tyneside Samaritans help local businesses and companies? Supporting and training staff to be emotionally strong can help. For full information see the text below and the other information - Supporting Tyneside Samaritans in the Geordie Community - we need your help to help others!

Supporting Tyneside Samaritans in the Geordie Community

Samaritans receive no Government financial support and we raise all the funds to run our branch.  Whilst we have a separate Friends of Tyneside Samaritans who help us to fund-raise, most of these activities are staffed by listening volunteers in addition to their rota duties. 

We are looking for businesses and organisations to sponsor ‘a period of time’ to keep the lights on and the phone bills paid. 

It costs: about £40,000 to run our branch for a year, offering a 24/7 service

That is… £3,333 per calendar month; £770 per week; £110 per day; £4.58 per hour.

Charity of the Year – many organisations and businesses like to support local charities by nominating a ‘Charity of the Year’ and there are corporation tax relief for companies giving this support to local organisation.

Other opportunities for local business/company involvement

Staff training and workshops – Emotional health and wellbeing sessions: we have experienced trainers who are also volunteers.  We do make a charge for this to cover the costs of materials.

Samaritans information packs – Posters, information cards and other Samaritans materials. There is a small charge to cover the costs of these materials.

Volunteering opportunities – transferable skills useful in the work-place - details of our ‘Information Events’ for anyone interested in training as a listening volunteer are available via an email to