Salisbury and District SAMs Reunited

Have you been a Samaritan in the past either with our local branch or another?

A new initiative that we are undertaking is to keep former colleagues in the picture about what is happening at our charity.  External pressures such as work commitments or moving away sometimes means that people have to stop being an active volunteers but many are keen to keep in touch with our branch activities.

The best way to recruit new volunteers is based on the recommendation provided by our exisitng and past volunteers. Your referral can make a difference and encourage someone to undertake a new life experience.
Non Active Volunteers are always welcome at the Branch and we will be planning some events throughout the year to bring everyone together.

The first SAMS Reunited event , held in September 2013 was a great success and we hope to see more our friends and supporters at future events.

Our Xmas dinner and drinks brought together a lot of our colleagues and it was fantastic to see so many past and present Salisbury SAMS having a festive drink. We are planning more get togethers

If you are interested in receiving our newsletter or attending a SAMS Reunited event, please let us know.