Publicity for Freecall service

Saturday 26th September 2015
Samaritans of Orkney publicise Feecall service at Tesco

Saturday 26th September saw Orkney Samaritans descend on Tesco's foyer. Our mission was to let everyone know that Samaritans new number - 116 123 - is now free to call and the number won't appear on any telephone account Now anyone in despair or distress can call Samaritans Freecall without worrying about the bill.

Almost as an afterthought, we also brought along a collecting bucket. And yet again, Orcadians overwhelmed us with their generosity, donating over £460 in less than 6 hours. We'll put every penny towards making sure that as many Orcadians as possible know about the service that Samaritans in Orkney provide. 

Our thanks to Tesco. And to Orcadians - it was wonderful to feel your support and hear your experiences.