We're sitting comfortably

Friday 30th June 2017
When you're sitting by the telephone for hours, a comfy chair is very valuable! Luckily, Cyrrus came to our aid.

Our listening volunteers spend many hours sitting by the telephones, often taking calls that last well over an hour, so a comfortable chair is vital. Office-quality chairs can be very expensive and given that all our funds come from fundraising, we have to be thifty when it comes to buying new furniture.

So you'll understand why the donation of three office chairs by the kind people of Cyrrus Ltd in Thirsk now has our volunteers smiling in comfort. Cyrrus provides technical support for airports and aviation (find out more at their website) and called us to ask if we'd like some chairs they no longer needed. We jumped at the chance.

Thank you to Cyrrus' administrator Grace (picture right), shown here with our director Sarah, who brought the chairs to our Northallerton office. We're very grateful for your kind donation.