Samaritans of Liverpool and Merseyside volunteers remind a thousand rail commuters that small talk can save lives

Monday 27th November 2017
Around 1,000 Liverpool rail commuters learnt how to help fellow travellers in distress, by engaging them in small talk, from volunteers at Samaritans of Liverpool and Merseyside.

Last week, Louise D, Louise E and Gabrielle de la Puerte (Outreach Assistant) headed to Moorfields Station during peak hours where they handed out small cards advising how to approach people who may be in distress. For example, one way might be to say, 'It's a warm evening, isn't it?'

The trio were working in support of national Samaritans campaign ‘Small Talk Saves Lives’, which aims to empower the public to act in order to prevent suicide on the railways.

Suicidal thoughts are often temporary and can be interrupted. Samaritans wants to give as many people as possible the tools to notice if someone may be at risk and the confidence to approach them. A simple question can be all it takes to interrupt suicidal thoughts and set that person on a journey to recovery.

Gabrielle said: “Thank you to Merseyrail for allowing us to speak with commuters at Moorfields station. It is great that the public as a collective can be a support system for people who are struggling to cope – suicide is preventable and the public can play a part in this.”

Louise E added: “By giving commuters information about the campaign, they will be even more aware of the small things they can do to help. Getting more people engaged in conversation can only be a positive thing.”

​The Small Talk Saves Lives campaign is being run between November 15 to December 3.