Rudding Park - Hole in One

Pictured all 12 charities receiving their funds today!
Wednesday 23rd August 2017
On Saturday 22nd July 12-4 pm, 12 charities came together to try to win £6300!

After a shockingly wet Saturday morning start, the sun came out to help our golfers trying to win a Hole in One at Rudding Park Golf Academy.

Each charity took it in turns to hit as many balls as they could on the Repton Short Course Signature Hole.  From the very young to the more mature golfer, each gave it their best to get that elusive hole in one, alas to no avail on the day!

Prior to the day it had been agreed by everyone involved that if no one managed this challenge, then all 12 charities would share the winners equally between themselves.

Today the cheques were presented to each of the charities who took part.  Samaritans were over the moon to be included in this competition and would like to say a massive thank you to Rudding Park Golf for making this event one that I am sure we will all remember.

Pictured below - Samaritans volunteer Alan Bradley receiving our share of the winnings!

Pictured below: All 12 charities celebrating their unexpected windfall, thanks to Rudding Park.