July "Talk to Us" Campaign 2016

July 2016 "Talk to Us" campaign - This year we are going to be focusing on a different aspect of Samaritans each week during July. Week 1 - "We Listen", Week 2 - "Where we Listen", Week 3 - "Who Listens", Week 4 - "Why we Listen"

Week 1 

We Listen - do you think you are a good listener?  Why not take our quiz and see how good a listener you are?  Here are some tips on listening skills

Week 2

Where we Listen - did you know we listen in 

Week 3

Who Listens - we have so many volunteers with different hobbies from amateur dramatics.  This is Carol from our Lancaster Branch when she was playing tweedledee in a local production. 

Week 4

Thank you for Listening - The focus this week will be on thanking you the public for listening to us over the month and the benefits of listening.