Outreach and awareness by Samaritans of Ipswich and East Suffolk

Samaritans spreading awareness at Felixstowe Carnival

Samaritans in the community

Our listening and support volunteers are active in the Suffolk community. Find out more about our outreach work, how we raise awareness, our public talks and how to contact us.

Outreach work

Samaritans raising awareness at Ipswich StationListening volunteers support callers at:

  • local prisons
  • probation hostels
  • Ipswich soup kitchen
  • community events, e.g. Suffolk Show

Raising awareness

Both listening and support volunteers attend regional community festivals and events to promote Samaritans.

While raising awareness might be our reason for being at these events, we sometimes provide emotional support too. 

"I really enjoy meeting people while attending local events to promote our service, and sometimes providing emotional support to people who find it difficult to contact us." - Tony, Listening Volunteer

2015 events 

Ipswich mayor Glen Martin Granville Chisholm with a Samaritans volunteer at 1 Big Global Multicultural Festival

Below are some of the events we'll be attending to raise awareness this year.

Come and see us to find out more about becoming a volunteer with Samaritans of Ipswich and East Suffolk. 

Our volunteers will also be available to offer emotional support to anyone that needs it. 

  • Ipswich Music Day in Christchurch Park (Sunday 5 July)
  • Indian Summer Mela in Christchurch Park (Sunday 12 July)
  • Felixstowe Carnival (Saturday 25 July to Sunday 26 July) 
  • Ipswich Maritime Festival (Saturday 15 August to Sunday 16 August)
  • 1 Big Multicultural Festival in Alexandra Park, Ipswich (Sunday 6 September)
  • New College Freshers' Fair, Rope Walk, Ipswich (Wednesday 16 September)
  • UCS Freshers' Fair, Waterfront Building, Ipswich (Tuesday 22 September)
  • Ipswich Volunteers Fair, UCS Waterfront Building, Ipswich (Thursday 22 October)

Giving talks 

Samaritans spreading awareness at Ipswich Indian Summer MelaWe also give talks to interested organisations, including:

  • Rotary Clubs
  • YMCA
  • WIs
  • Mother’s Unions
  • Probus groups
  • Schools

We also distribute our information leaflets and posters to other local charities and organisations.

Find out more about our branch and how to volunteer with us. You can call us on 01473 214610 to talk about becoming a support volunteer with our branch.

Get in touch

You can contact Samaritans of Ipswich and East Suffolk online using one of the following: