Could your company support Samaritans?

Tuesday 9th February 2016
Samaritans help ordinary people who are going through a tough time or struggling to cope. The current economic situation means that thousands more people are feeling the stress of money worries and increased pressure. This is a crucial time to support Samaritans.
Your company could support Samaritans:
  • by raising staff morale through fundraising
  • by partnering a strong and well-trusted brand
  • by sponsoring an event
  • by encouraging staff to volunteer for an emotive and vital charity.
Nominating Samaritans as your charity of the year is a fantastic way to support the millions of people who struggle to cope on a day to day basis. Money raised will go towards a lifesaving service that is directly supporting people 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, through difficult times. 
Samaritans has a strong brand – 98% brand awareness – but it is a small charity with a turnover dramatically smaller than other charities of a similar stature. This is because Samaritans is volunteer-led. Each of the 201 branches is entirely staffed by volunteers and currently operates as a separate charity. Your company can partner directly with Samaritans of Horsham & Crawley. This would enable your company to support your local community and would provide good local press opportunities. 
Samaritans of Horsham & Crawley also has an outstanding patron in Julie Walters who actively supports activities in support of our branch. 
Samaritans will work with you to ensure a successful partnership. Samaritans can also offer training courses designed to deliver bespoke and specialist communications skills for frontline staff and managers.
If you are interested or would like further information, please contact Samaritans of Horsham & Crawley by emailing