Summer 2017 (More...)

Photo of Sponsored Walk
Wednesday 26th July 2017
Round Up of Havering Samaritans over the summer in easy to read snippets.

We are trying something new with our News Page: we're moving from monthly updates to seasonal updates. This will give a better feel of what we are doing without the need to scroll though several pages of news. 

In July we were part of a national campaign to share listening tips with members of the public. It was branded "The Big Listen". Volunteers from our branch went to Romford Railway Station to engage with passengers and hand out pocket sized cards. We we were visited over the course of the day by representatives from CrossRail, Land Sherrifs, and British Transport Police. These events are always worthwhile and remind people we are there if they need us.

Our AGM was in June. A useful chance to reflect on what we have achieved and to plan for the next 12 months. After the formal business of Committee members' reports we divided into teams for training on the topic of Safeguarding. 

In June there was the National Samaritans Sponsored Walk. This year it happened to be down the road in Colchester (photo above). A team of volunteers from our branch entered under the banner of "Havering Hobblers". 

Also in June we reluctantly made the decision to cancel one of our of training intakes for reasons that were beyond our control. The effect is that the next intake, which starts in September with an Information Evening, will have a full training class in January with a reserve list. 

In May we launched the Sponsor-a-Day scheme. This explained on our main page of this web with an example of how much it costs to keep the branch open over the course of a day, week or month. Volunteers give their time for nothing, but we still need to pay essential bills and together we are able to provide the service.