Samaritans of Havering news

  • Winter 2017 (more...)

    Group Photo
    21st December 2017
    One important day in December to help raise awareness - and funds - in support of what we do
  • Autumn 2017 (more...)

    Photo of Samaritans at Railway Station
    9th October 2017
    All change.... six updates on what's been happening both inside and outside the building.
  • Summer 2017 (More...)

    Photo of Sponsored Walk
    26th July 2017
    Round Up of Havering Samaritans over the summer in easy to read snippets.
  • March Update (more...)

    30th March 2017
    Two big events this month: Visit to Queen's Hospital and launch of Fundraising campaign
  • February Update (More...)

    Photo of Lena
    1st March 2017
    We interview a Samaritan who, at the end of February, has just completed their initial training.
  • December Update (more...)

    Photo of awareness event
    29th November 2016
    12 hours of Cycling at Romford Railway Station on Friday 9th December to raise awareness
  • November Update (more...)

    Photo of Samaritan at Bedrock Radio
    25th November 2016
    Research shows that people know of Samaritans - but what do Samaritans actually do?
  • October Update (more...)

    28th October 2016
    We need volunteers who can talk with people, or volunteers with a non-listening specialist skill - or both. Also, read about how a Havering Samaritans has ended up on an educational video about men, emotions and crying.
  • September Update (more)

    Picture at Havering College
    13th September 2016
    Havering Samaritans prides itself on being representative of diversity in the borough. Age is one example.
  • August Update (more...)

    Photo of Volunteers with collection tins
    21st August 2016
    Fundraising is one of the many "behind the scenes" roles that needs to be done so that the phones get answered.
  • July Update (More...)

    Photo of giant poster
    24th July 2016
    After several months in the planning, Havering Samaritans set up a one-day stall in Romford Market. We were promoting a very practical approach to help anybody become a better listener: SHUSH.
  • May Update (more...)

    Photo of Samarians in Romford Market
    29th May 2016
    A busy month for Outreach. Havering Samaritans has been involved in a number of events to promote our service. In addition, a new intake of Samaritans has begun their training just as another group attended an 'Information Evening' to decide if volunteering was right for them.
  • April Update (more....)

    Screen shot of Romford Record
    30th April 2016
    Havering was in the news this month as figures suggest the number of suicides in the borough is increasing. Read the response from the Director of Havering Samaritans
  • March Update (more...)

    Photo of presentation
    22nd March 2016
    Every three years there is an inspection of the branch. Ours happened this month. Read how this helps us make sure we continue to deliver the best service we can.
  • February Update (more...)

    Photo of computer being updated
    10th February 2016
    To keep Havering Samaritans moving forward with the right administrative, managerial and technical support; some important decisions were made this month that will help our branch deliver the best service to our callers.
  • January Update (more ...)

    Photo of New Samaritan
    25th January 2016
    First month of 2016 is a time to look back on 2015 and forward to exciting times ahead.
  • October Update (more...)

    Picture of cheque being handed over
    31st October 2015
    In this update we give two examples of how Samaritans is supported financially and a practical example of how the money is spent.
  • September Update (more...)

    Group in preparation
    26th September 2015
    Three events that took place during September that highlight the work of Samaritans in Romford.
  • August Update (More...)

    Everything you need to know - graphic
    29th August 2015
    Increase in demand so more Volunteers are needed. Your opportunity to join Havering Samaritans. Come along to the next Information Evening to be held in October.
  • July Update (more...)

    Volunteers at Queens Hospital
    7th July 2015
    Some events from July, including one group of volunteers completing their part 1 training as another group starts the application process.
  • June Update (more...)

    Fish eye view of front door
    22nd June 2015
    Work in progress; some snippets of information on what goes on behind the scenes.