March Update (more...)

Thursday 30th March 2017
Two big events this month: Visit to Queen's Hospital and launch of Fundraising campaign

On Wednesday 2​9th March, an articulated trailer belonging to Samaritans pulled onto the forecourt at Queen’s Hospital in Romford and opened up into a portable display unit and office.

This was part of a ​joint awareness initiative between ​Havering ​Samaritans​,​ Havering Mind and Tapestry (My Health Matters project)​.

The entrance to Queen’s Hospital is one of the busiest places in the borough with a constant flow of pedestrians throughout the day”, said Margaret, Deputy Director at Havering Samaritans, “making it the ideal place to meet the public and explain what we do”.

Samaritans isn’t just for people on the brink of distress or despair, it can be a first point of call for anybody who is feeling life is getting out of control. Samaritans Romford ​branch​ at 107 North Street receives over 15,000 phone calls a year and replies to many hundreds of emails and ​text​ messages every month. People can visit in person when the ​branch​ is open.

A team of volunteers were on hand throughout the day to answer questions and distribute literature such as the pocket sized contact cards that display the 24/7 Samaritans free call number “116 123”.

Picture (above) shows Trica, Director of Havering Samaritans, with Linda a Volunteer who took a day off work to help be present at the stand. 

Photo of Bedrock Radio

Denis, Chair of Havering Samaritans, was interviewed live on-air by Bedrock Hospital Radio giving more information about the organisation and how to access the service as a caller or as a volunteer.

Havering Samaritans are also encouraging friends and supporters to fund 'A Day of Hope' by making a donation to cover the costs of running the Romford branch for a day.

Donors can register a specific day on our website calendar in the name of a loved one, or to mark an anniversary or birthday, to make it a more personal donation. This is £35 - or £3 a month if people prefer to pay monthly, and means we can give support to those who need help most. 

To make a donatation, follow the link on the Home Page of the Havering Branch Page