February Update (More...)

Photo of Lena
Wednesday 1st March 2017
We interview a Samaritan who, at the end of February, has just completed their initial training.
In February three trainee Samaritans completed their Probation and graduated to the status of "Volunteer". For some people the process takes longer than they thought and for others they'd had to re-examine their reasons for wanting to join.
This is where the Information Evenings are helpful so that potential volunteers have a good understanding of what's involved. We asked Lena how the journey was for her....
Q) What motivated you to think about become a Samaritan?  
A) I've always wanted to donate my time and use my skills to help others and hopefully making a difference to someone's life.
Q) How different was the reality to your expectations?
A) It was a lot tougher than anticipated and required commitment. 
Q) How long was it from when you first made contact to completing your Probation?
A) Although it doesn't feel like it, the process took about  9 to 12 months
Q) Some applicants are keen to 'get on the phone' but the training process is quite long with 10 evenings in a class room followed by 1-2-1 with a personal Mentor and then your probationary period. What advice would you give to a candidate who is keen to get started?
A) You need to be committed, a good listener or learn how to be a good listener and be unphased (not shocked) by anything you may hear on the phone.
Q) How do you manage to fit in volunteering when you have a full time job?
A) It requires lots of discipline  and dedication. 
To find out more: on Wednesday 29th March, Havering Samartians will be in the atrium at Queen's Hospital, Romford (photo showing the Information Trailer).
Here you can meet volunteers who will be happy to talk about using the service as a caller and how, like Lena, you can become a volunteer yourself.