Autumn 2017 (more...)

Photo of Samaritans at Railway Station
Monday 9th October 2017
All change.... six updates on what's been happening both inside and outside the building.

Change of platform: We often visit Romford Railway station (photo above taken in the platform mirror) to raise awareness of the service we provide. We were pleased to be there again recently during the rush hour look forward to our regular high profile static cycle ride in the run up to Christmas.

Change of environment: The "Ops Room" - where we receive phone calls, answer emails and reply to Text Messages - has been renovated with new furniture, new computers, and sound proofing. The outside of the building has been given a new lick of paint as well.

Change of college: Freshers week - when 1st year students start at the colleges around Havering - is an ideal time to learn of the support services available. Samaritans attract attention by use of our "emoji" board with a happy or sad face to get a conversation started.

Photo of volunteers at YMCA

Change of Attitude: The YMCA hosted an event with the aim of changing attitude towards mental health. Havering Samaritans (photo shows local volunteers Jamie and Anne) were there together with other agencies from around the borough as mental health affects far more people than is recognised. 

Change of Volunteers: The information and Selection Evenings for our second intake of new volunteer candidates started in the Autumn. It can take up to 18months from making a first enquiry until the training and probation is completed - but a very rewarding way to use free time for the benefit of others. 

Change of Admin: Behind the scenes Havering Samaritans now comes under the national Samaritans structure. This will help up with legal and administrative support so we can concentrate on delivering our front line service.