About Farnborough & District Samaritans Outreach

We also work to meet the needs of those who may not otherwise have access to our services by being available in locations outside the branch.  In addition, outreach has an educational role, raising the awareness of our existing services.

Our School Talks Programme

The need to be active in the wider community continues to be an important priority, particularly in the present climate.

Samaritans talks are becoming an integral part of the schools programme of Personal & Social Education. Head teachers and school governors are becoming more aware of the emotional and pastoral needs of the young people in their care, and the need to offer support to their students.

By reaching out in this way the branch hopes to give young people the knowledge that there is someone who will listen in complete confidence and without prejudice to those who are seeking emotional support.  Samaritans has a team of speakers who last year gave talks to schools and colleges throughout the district.

Our Hospital Programme

Once a week, our volunteers provide valuable emotional support to patients and their families by attending the Emergency Department at Frimley Park Hospital.     We are quietly around in the background if anyone feels the need to talk about their loved ones or the pain that they are going through.

We are on hand to give support with sensitive issues or just to offer a listening ear and all our conversations are in total confidence.


Other Outreach Presentations

We have an Outreach Team of experienced speakers, who are available to visit local organisations and charities such as schools, local youth groups, hospitals and students unions.

If you would like to know more about our outreach work, or arrange a school talk, please contact us.    We will take a message and arrange for you to be contacted by one of our Outreach Co-ordinators.