Eggs-citing or what? Samaritans volunteers crack into Easter

Thursday 13th April 2017

Exeter, Mid & East Devon Samaritans set their volunteers a heavy duty task in the build up to Easter - in no more than 25 words, embracing the fun of Easter eggs, explain why it’s so fulfilling to be a Samaritans volunteer or supporter.


We’ve shortlisted four entries, now being voted upon by the branch’s 100 volunteers - but which do you like best?



1. It’s no yolk that Easter is only once a year. Unscramble your feelings with Samaritans. Don’t let your emotions boil over or crack you up.



2. Chocolate eggs hanging from a tree

decorated bright, painted gleefully.

Being there, empathy, listening with care

If Easter time is more than you can bear.



3. Crack open a Samaritan and find the sweet centre of a caring heart and calm voice encouraging you to talk and explore the ways forward.



4. Here’s eggs-actly why I volunteer. No rabbiting on, no cracking up, just chock-full of listening. Oh, and it’s the creme de la creme of charities!