East Surrey Branch Publicity Officer

Purpose of Role: To ensure the awareness of Samaritans is raised in the local community in order to recruit volunteers, raise funds and develop caller awareness and to co-ordinate all publicity and public relations activities within the Branch.

Activities and Tasks: 

  • To liaise with the branch committee so that branch publicity is based on branch needs and is kept in touch with branch plans.
  • To raise awareness of Samaritans in order to recruit volunteers, raise funds and develop caller awareness.
  • To agree with the branch committee a plan for publicity activities each year and draw up a strategy to achieve this.
  • To co-ordinate all forms of publicity undertaken for the branch by volunteers and ensure they are working effectively together.
  • With the help of the branch, to recruit publicity volunteers as required and to manage and support them.
  • To ensure all publicity volunteers are given the opportunity to attend training sessions organised by the communications team or within the region
  • To organise branch participation in organisation-wide publicity campaigns by liaising with the communications team at General Office
  • To disseminate publicity materials from the branch catalogue
  • To write press releases and liaise with the local media in consultation with the branch director / chair and the regional marketing officer (if the media covers a wider area than the branch area)
  • To ensure branch publicity organised by and for the branch is in keeping with Samaritans policy, best practice guidelines and the law.
  • To ensure branch publicity is consistent with organisation-wide publicity by liaising with the communications team at General Office
  • To liaise with the regional marketing officer on a regular basis, attend regional publicity meetings and co-operate with other branches and the region as required.
  • To encourage other publicity volunteers to attend the regional publicity meetings
  • To liaise and work with the communications team on publicity, advertising and PR campaigns
  • To work with the branch fundraising officer; volunteer recruitment/resources officer to ensure all branch fundraising and recruitment is supported by appropriate publicity
  • To ensure any publicity materials & press releases produced by the branch are approved by the communications team at General Office.
  • After liaising with the director / Chair, to be responsible for any agreement with outside groups, companies etc who may offer to undertake publicity activities for the branch


Experience of publicity, PR, media or advertising (desirable)


If part of the branch committee, the branch publicity officer should remain in post for no longer than three years

 Location and travel:

Based at the branch

 Main contact (accountable to):

Branch director / Chair


Publicity volunteers


  • Branch director / Chair
  • Regional representatives
  • Regional marketing officers
  • General Office staff, particularly communications team


  • Opportunity to positively affect the work of Samaritans
  • Opportunity to develop/use skills
  • Personal development and training
  • Reimbursement of volunteer expenses