Volunteering With Dunfermline Samaritans

Dunfermline Branch is manned purely by volunteers – there are no paid staff members. 
Our dedicated volunteers not only answer calls and emails, they carry out all kinds of vital roles such as fundraising, public speaking, attending events, administration, maintaining our building and managing our finances. 
Elizabeth Wells is a listening volunteer and our branch secretary. She said:  “I joined the branch because a lovely lady, doing a bit of recruiting, asked me. I told her I didn't think I would be good enough to be one as I had had no major life experiences. I stayed in a small village, I had a secure job that I loved doing, plus I came from a happy home where there was always someone to care about me and listen to me. Her answer was that I would be ideal. I’m still here 37 years later.”
Elizabeth, now retired, has held many committee positions, including chair. Asked why she’s remained a dedicated Dunfermline Samaritans volunteer, she said: “I get such a lot out of it and I have met so many lovely people over the years and made lasting friendships. It is such a privilege to be one really.”
If you are interested in becoming a Dunfermline Samaritans volunteer please email dunfermlinesams@tiscali.co.uk or call in at 22 Townhill Road, Dunfermline for one of the following information evenings:
Saturday 20th January at 10:30am

Saturday 3rd February at 10:30am
Monday 12th March at 19:00pm

For 24/7 support call Freephone 116 123 or email jo@samaritans.org