Spotlight on our Volunteers

Wednesday 22nd February 2017
As a Branch, we rely entirely on volunteers to run the centre day-to-day. Some of the roles people take on are substantial. Meet Fiona, one of our many superstars.

Fiona is our Deputy Director for Leaders. She heads a team of 25 or so leaders who, between them, are available at all times of the day and night, covering 150 shifts each month. They are trained to answer listeners’ questions (or find an answer) during a shift and to support volunteers at the end of their shifts, especially if they have taken a difficult or upsetting call. Fiona chairs a monthly meeting of leaders where good practice and any problems that have arisen are discussed.

If you’re interested in volunteering with Samaritans, as a listener or in another role, please ring 01273 772277 and speak to one of our listeners or take a look at our Volunteering page for more information.