About the branch

North West Surrey Samaritans are open to callers for 150 hours per week. In 2017 we had nearly 33,000 caller contacts. Our callers can choose to contact us in many ways including by phone, email, text, write a letter or see us face to face.

The service we offer allows people to explore their feelings of distress and despair which may lead to suicide, in a safe and confidential environment. We believe that listening non-judgmentally to people it can make all the difference.

North West Surrey branch of Samaritans spans four local authority areas (Elmbridge, Spelthorne Runnymede and Woking) and covers a number of towns including Addlestone, Ashford, Chertsey, Egham, Hersham, Staines, Woking, Walton-on-Thames, and Weybridge, which means it has no obvious geographical centre. See a map for visual idea of our 90 miles² catchment area. 

Our Work in the Community

For information about our work in the local community please see the 'Our Outreach Work in the Community' page.

History of the Branch

The North West Surrey branch of Samaritans  used to be referred to as Weybridge Samaritans because it was originally established in Weybridge in July 1964, in the Sunday School annex of the Queen's Road Congregational Church. Then, in 1965, the bursar of St Georges College, Father Aidan Rossiter, enabled Weybridge Samaritans to move to a dedicated centre in the grounds of the College.

The centre was open 24 hours a day and was Weybridge Samaritans' home until 1982, when it became necessary to move to Ledger Drive, Addlestone, because of the widening of the road outside St George's College to accommodate traffic travelling to and from the M25.

In September 2018 the branch moved to Charities House in Walton on Thames  joining 10 other charities who are part of the Walton Charities vision to’ create a community under one roof ‘, providing support for the local communities.


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