Help with the Face-to-Face room

Thursday 31st August 2017



The photo above is of the room we use when people come to our centre on Manchester Road, Northwich.  This is the room that the public use if they wish to come to the branch when they are distressed, in despair or suicidal.  It is a safe and confidential place where they can talk about their feelings and we would like it to feel warm, safe and cosy. Unfortunately it is currently out of action as there is a damp problem that will have to be taken back to basics in order to make it usable again.  The damp-proofing has been donated and is scheduled to begin in the first week of September and we wondered whether any local business would donate flooring for this room?  The room is 140 inches x 73 inches.  If anyone can help us with this that would be wonderful!

Please contact us at  - FAO Joy