HMP Manchester (Strangeways) and HMP Forrest Bank

Our work in HMP Manchester (Strangeways) and HMP Forrest bank

The prisoners are trained to listen in complete confidence to their fellow inmates who may be experiencing feelings of distress or despair, including those which may lead to suicide. The objectives of the scheme is to assist in reducing the number of self inflicted deaths, reducing self-harm and helping to alleviate the feelings of those in distress.


The policy of confidentiality for Listeners is exactly the same as for Samaritan volunteers.  This is vital in encouraging prisoners at risk of taking their own life to use the service.  Even after a Listener has left prison, their work as a Listener must remain confidential.  Similarly, confidentiality remains even after the death of a contact.


We support Listeners at HMP Manchester (Strangeways) and HMP Forrest Bank at meetings where they may discuss confidential matters, off-load and debrief after contacts they have made.