Thursday 1st June 2017
A huge thank you to all our volunteers without whom there would be no Samaritans service. Over 20,000 people are actively volunteering with Samaritans, responding last year to more than 5.7 million calls for help. OUR NEXT INFORMATION SESSIONS FOR POTENTIAL VOLUNTEERS TAKE PLACE IN JULY FOR TRAINING STARTING IN SEPTEMBER.

We are here to offer emotional support to anyone who's feeling overwhelmed, for whatever reason.  We work through the phone, and respond through emails or texts too.  

Our Director says "Samaritans volunteers can make the difference between someone getting through tough times, or not.  For me the reward is simply when people end their call saying they feel much better.  We are there for our callers in the depths, in the middle of the night when very few other people or agencies are available to help them."  

Here's some of reasons our volunteers give for being a Samaritan, and how rewarding it can be:

  • Occasionally I feel as if I have helped change for the better the course of someone's life.
  • Volunteering for Samaritans means showing compassion and not judging people in a world that can sometimes feel so harsh.
  • Listening to someone, know they are trusting you at such a desperate time, is a huge privilege.
  • Some people have so much to cope with, often alone; listening to their stories can be very humbling and puts one's own worries into perspective.
  • I became a Sam because I would like to think if I ever needed to talk to someone, I could call and there would always be someone there to listen.  We never know when we would need someone.
  • Having been through some bad times myself with no support, I was determined that others should have help available.
  • Working with and enjoying the company of like-minded people.
  • I like to think that on just one shift I may have helped someone.
  • It can be very positive meeting new people from all walks of life, and interacting with them feels great.
  • The huge privilege of being trusted with someone's story, things they can tell no-one else about.