Celebrating listening and our volunteers

Saturday 15th September 2018
Our summer party to thank our volunteers and their friends and family also saw the opening of a new exhibition celebrating and contemplating the art of listening

First Duty, by Phillip Job is a study of listening as practiced by Samaritans. 

11 of our listening volunteers took part in the project allowing Phillip to photograph them while they took calls, record them giving an interview on their thoughts and experience of listening, some even allowing themselves to be filmed while listening.

The resulting 60 images, 10 minute film and audio recordings give a rare insight into what it is like to really listen to other people.

Seeing the captured expressions of Samaritans while they listen to real callers, watching the unflinching film of their faces responding to what they hear and hearing their voices from the depths of a classic rotary dial telephone. Phillip is also one of our listening volunteers and was delighted to unveil his piece at our annual event to celebrate the work of our volunteers and the friends and family who support them.

The exhibition will be on tour over the coming year and we'll keep you updated on when and where here and on Twitter - follow @LGSSamaritans.

If you would like to

  • host the exhibition
  • hire our venue
  • support our cause

please contact us.

Photo of First Duty above by Doma Dovgialo.