Volunteering at Samaritans Festival Branch

Who can apply to become a volunteer at Samaritans Festival branch?

Anyone is welcome to apply to Samaritans Festival Branch to become a volunteer – especially those who have never been a volunteer with Samaritans before. We also welcome applications from current or ex-Samaritan volunteers.

We have an Equal Opportunities Policy and welcome people from diverse backgrounds. As we are spread throughout the UK, it doesn't matter where you live and all reasonable travel expenses can be paid by the Branch.

Read a day in the life of a volunteer at Festival branch to find out more.

Samaritans Festival Branch Recruitment

We recruit volunteers to the branch once a year, in advance of the festival season which commences in May.

The recruitment process depends on whether you are currently an existing volunteer or are new to the organisation (or long time out) and the process is outlined below:

Existing Volunteers (i.e. in a branch currently or have left within the last 12 months)

There is a selection weekend in March followed by training weekends in April and May. As indicated these are weekend events, currently based in Uttoxeter (selection) and Oxfordshire (training).

New to Samaritans (i.e. never been a Samaritans before or over 12 months since leaving)

There is a selection day on a Saturday in February in Birmingham followed by training weekends in March, April and May based in Uttoxeter or Oxfordshire.

If you are interested in joining us and want more information please fill out the Volunteer Interest Form (linked via the 'Volunteer at this branch' tab) and our deputy director for recruitment and selection will send you more details.