VOLUNTEER WEEK 1st to 7th June - Read Abigail's story about volunteering with Samaritans

Abigail talks about volunteering with Samaritans
Wednesday 31st May 2017
Volunteer Week - Read Abigail's experience of volunteering with Samaritans

I have always known about Samaritans and the fantastic work the charity do.

Although working in education, I wanted the chance to work with an organisation which supported people to talk about their feelings and have their voice heard without judgement.

Working within a local community is very exciting and fulfulling for me, and being a listening volunteer is particularly rewarding.

I enquired about the information evening and the volunteers were very helpful in explaining what volunteering opportunities were available within the branch.

Although I had decided to be a listening volunteer, I found out there were many support roles within the branch which volunteers can be involved with, such as recruitment, fundraising and press, just to name a few.

The training to become a volunteer was very thorough and extensive.  The support new volunteers receive is immense and being involved in the Samaritans training is humbling, challenging and very rewarding.

Being a Samaritan volunteer is immensely rewarding but also at times challenging.  My volunteer journey has given me a great sense of achievement.  Knowing that you are supporting people to have a voice, share their thoughts and feelings and working with people to consider options available to them is extremely humbling.  The experience is one of trust and responsibility.

I have learnt to keep an open mind and be yourself and, with this in mind volunteering will truly enhance your life.

Abigail, Doncaster Samaritan Volunteer.