All Samaritans are volunteers – most provide emotional support for our callers (Listening Volunteers), others (called Support Volunteers) help with essential back office functions such as fundraising, publicity, administration, or buildings maintenance.

We are just ordinary people! The only qualification to become a Listening Volunteer is to be aged 18 years or over. However, you do need to be a good listener, open minded, interested in, and respectful of other people. You do not need any previous experience either, as all successful applicants go through an intensive training course to develop the skills to do this important work.

If you are interested in learning more, your first step is to click on the link and give us your contact details. We will then invite you to one of our regular Information Evenings, held at the Samaritans Centre in Amersham. There you will learn more about how we provide our service as well talking to volunteers.

If you would like to help, but think that perhaps the listening role is not for you, we welcome applications for specific Support roles, vacancies for which will normally be advertised on this site. However as we receive no government funding and must raise the money ourselves to keep our branch open, we always welcome applications from anyone who would like to join our fundraising team! So if you are interested in helping with this, please get in touch.

Another way of expressing interest in volunteering is to leave a message on our Recruitment telephone line - 07823 582540.

Read about the experiences of a couple of our volunteers:

Rebecca, a 43 year old housewife and mother of two teenage children, has been a Samaritan Listening Volunteer for a couple of years now. Her father is a volunteer of many years standing, so the inspiration came from him. She just had to wait for the right time to come along, and so when she was made redundant from her teaching job decided to take the plunge. She found the training far exceeded her expectations, and was “absolutely brilliant”. Taking her first call was both exciting and terrifying, but she could hear the words of one of the trainers in her head saying to her “above all be yourself and trust to your instincts”. These words have stayed with her. She says “I have listened to such a range of callers, some very brave, others sad or lonely and often desperate, and it does make you stop and think for a moment, and put your own life into perspective.” When asked what would sum up her volunteering experience with Samaritans, she states “It has been so personally fulfilling and I am privileged to have met so many special people and be part of such a vital service.”

Avtar is a 48 year old communications engineer, married with two teenage sons, who began volunteering seven years ago. “For many years all you do is work hard and enjoy life with your friends and family. But there came a time for me when it felt right to give something back to my local community” A family tragedy also brought home to him the need for a service such as Samaritans. “There are always lots of people around who can give advice and practical help. But sometimes a person going through a crisis just needs someone who will really listen, not judge them or tell them what to do; simply be there for them whenever they need to talk.” Avtar also feels being a Listening Volunteer with Samaritans has changed him as a person, without his even realising it. “My experiences as a volunteer have really helped me in my dealings with other people, my family included.” As any parent of teenagers knows, navigating through this period of their lives can be a challenge. He feels his sons have gained from his ability to really listen, take time to understand how they are feeling, and not jump to conclusions as to what the underlying issue is all about.