Schools and Young People


Our Central London Samaritans volunteers deliver two different types of presentations, our assembly talks are an excellent introduction to the work of Samaritans and the way that we give people the opportunity to talk about their issues and how this is helpful. These can last for anything from 15 to 30 minutes and are suitable for larger groups.

We also present workshops where we go in to more detail about emotional health, the pressures that pupils might be under and ways of coping. These are more interactive and a great chance for the pupils to discuss emotional health in a safe space. These are suitable for individual classes and last up to an hour.

As well as fulfilling personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) commitments we are providing access to important information and knowledge about our life changing service. All volunteers will have a current enhanced DBS.

We can also provide materials for schools to use 'Developing Emotional Health and Learning' (DEAL) to help young people understand and cope with their feelings and support schools when there is a suicide in the school community. To access these materials contact Outreach Manager Mark Harris. 

Required: Schools Team Leader

Work with Us: We are looking for an individual with experience of being in a school environment to lead the Schools Team. You will work alongside our Outreach manager to make contact with schools and deliver presentations and workshops organising a team of volunteers to deliver our talks. Previous experience of public speaking and a helpful attitude are desirable qualities for the role.

A full role description is available here

To apply for this role please contact outreach manager Mark Harris at,uk


Most of London’s largest and most prestigious universities are within our catchment area. These are home to approximately 200,000 students. We know that many of these young people can be away from home and their support network for the first time and facing many new pressures. We have an excellent working relationship with most of these universities and make sure that they receive regular supplies of our cards, leaflets and posters so that students know they can turn to us at times of difficulty. We also have an electronic presence in many universities, featuring on the screens in the libraries or student services.

We regularly take part in events to promote emotional health and wellness for students. We have a strong relationship with King’s College London and have worked with them to deliver support sessions to LGBT+ communities within the University.