PMC Headsets Donated to "Help the Helpers"

Tuesday 4th April 2017
Leading telecoms company PMC Telecom has donated over £1,000 worth of office headsets in generous support for Central London Samaritans.

Helping the Helpers: PMC Telecom Donates £1000 of Headsets to Samaritans Team

“Selfless charity is intrinsic to the work of the Samaritans and the headsets were a token of our appreciation”

LEADING telecoms company PMC Telecom has handed over £1000 worth of office headsets in a generous show of support for Central London Samaritans.

The Manchester-based company, known locally for their charity contributions, sent a batch of JPL office headsets to the London flagship branch in a bid to “help the helpers” and to promote the importance of the work done by the Samaritans.

The JPL-502 binaural office headsets are mid-range, monaural models with noise cancellation technology, which is designed especially for keeping staff focused and comfortable in the workplace.

Paul Conway, Managing Director of PMC Telecom, said the donation was a token of appreciation for a charity he “admires and respects very much.”

He added: “JPL headsets are very popular here at PMC with local businesses because they are dependable and perfect for the workplace. We decided that a batch of them should go to the Samaritans as a show of support to a charity which is so intrinsically dedicated to its work.

“We believe that communication is the key to success and for a charity like this it is paramount - they are dealing with people in urgent emotional distress and they make a huge difference to people’s lives. There is no better charity that I can think of for this donation, I believe their work should be more widely recognised and we can assist with that then that makes us very happy indeed.”

JPL Director James Clarke said: “We’re always happy to hear when our products go to such a good cause, and we’re especially happy on this occasion to hear that it’s the Samaritans. They do unimaginable work helping those who desperately need help, and there ought to be more charities like them. Thanks to PMC Telecom for organising this donation.”