Cardiff Samaritans Working With Schools

We have a number of different ways in which we work with local schools.  We have previously worked with Whitchurch High School and strive to continue this initiative with other schools in the area.

There are two main initiatives.

School's Project

The School's Project aims to help young people to better look after their emotional health and to give them strategies for dealing with the difficult times in their life.  The aims of the School's Project are to promote understanding of emotional health, develop skills to cope positively with challenges in life and to encourage young people to ask for help when they need it.

The programme is targeted at all children from Year 8 (12-13 year olds), to those in Years 10 & 11(16 year olds).

One of the central principles of is to approach the topic with young people in a way that works for them. This means using language they are comfortable with, using examples from their experience, and taking a facilitative approach, where their views form the basis of a discussion.

School talks

Giving talks to students is the most popular schools activity we undertake. The talks can be about Samaritans, raising awareness of who we are and what we do, or about emotional health. They can be to large groups in assemblies or small groups in class. They can be information-giving talks, presentations or interactive activities to involve the students.

If your school is interested in the services that we offer then please contact our Branch so that we can discuss matters further.

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