The Shop and Bradford Samaritans

We feel it should have a name, but it is, and always has been, "THE SHOP" on the sunny side of the street.

Have you had a chance to visit us yet ?

It is an ordinary frontage, but wow ! When you enter, it is a veritable Aladdin's cave. 

Maybe it was you that donated that pair of shoes which you bought in a mad moment and which have always pinched. The pretty tea service that you never seemed to use. The wedding dress (worn once). A pack of disposable nappies, not needed now that the youngest is potty trained. A rocking horse or a buggy ... always something interesting. It is always satisfying when someone goes out with a smile on their face. It was just what they were looking for !

Even more important are the contacts we have built up over the years. Some customers have shared their family problems, their illnesses, their joys and sorrows with those on shift. We always try to have time to talk and listen of course. It is good to know that we have come to play a small but important part in their lives.

There are one or two people who come in looking for specific items. Theatre people come looking for costumes and props for the stage. Artists search for good picture frames. Lots of people knitting for charity look for wool. We have helped to dress young men for interviews and weddings. And so much more.

The running of this three storey shop is hard work. The stairs keep us fit and it is cheaper than the gym. We tend to make up the rules as we go along and this seems to work pretty well. It all runs like a well oiled machine. Everyone does their bit.

​Perhaps you or someone that you know would like to be part of the support for Bradford Samaritans at THE SHOP. Maybe a friend, relative or neighbour ? We can always do with another pair of willing hands and a friendly smile. 

Contact us on 07518 141081 or register your interest by completing our volunteer interest form.