Firewalking at Bradford Samaritans

Monday 9th February 2015
Bradford Samaritans take a Walk on the Wild Side !

On Saturday 31 January 2015 Bradford Samaritans hosted a Firewalk in conjunction with Little Heroes/Unite and Ignite at the George Hotel in Cullingworth

Volunteers Sheila, Jennifer, Ali, Cindy and Kedar and Supporters Dianne, Daniel, Charlotte and Lucy braved the extreme cold and extreme warmth of 1000 degrees to complete a walk across hot coals to raise vital funds for Bradford Samaritans.

The Walkers had to show confidence, purpose, focus, will and determination in experiencing a Walk which they will never forget. 

Not only did all of the Firewalkers receive a certificate to prove that they did it, but for some of the (un)lucky ones they got blisters to prove it ! Particular thanks go to Sheila for having the idea in the first place. The loss to parachuting is firewalking’s gain. 

Next year Bradford Samaritans will be walking on broken glass, so any Volunteers and Supporters who are kicking themselves for missing the opportunity to support Bradford Samaritans will have another chance to redeem themselves.