World Adventure Challenges

These challenges provide some incredible and breath taking opportunities to test your limits and raise money for an amazing cause.

Whether you fancy trying out one of these overseas adventures as part of a gap year, a birthday or just for fun it’ll be an experience of a lifetime that you won’t forget! 

When: 11-19 October, 7-15 October, 21-29 October
Location: Vietnam to Cambodia
Difficulty:  Moderate


Paris Marathon

Trek Iceland

When: 28 June - 2 July or 30 August - 3 September 2017
Location: Iceland
Difficulty: Moderate


When:  Various throughout 2017
Location: Tanzania
Difficulty:  Tough


Paris Marathon

Trek Canada Rockies

When: 10 – 18 June 2017, 9 – 17 September 2017
Location: Canada
Difficulty: Moderate