Fundraising for Scunthorpe Samaritans - Thank you's!

Every single day, around 16 people decide to end their own life across England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. We believe that by providing a safe place for people to explore their thoughts and feelings in confidence, we can help them find a way forward.

But we're a charity, and it's your kind donations that keep our helplines open. If you would like to donate online, then we'd be ever so grateful!  There are a few different options...

If you'd like to fundraise for us contact our Volunteer for Fundraising and Publicity Karen, she can be contacted on 07730525349 or via email at - we look forward to hearing from you!

Here are some recent and future fundraising activities...

Up and coming events here

Fundraising that has taken place!! Huge thank you's :) 

June 2017

17th and 18th June - What a weekend!!!!!!! Click here to see information linked to the Wingwalk and Skydive!!!

The Parts People - Thank you so much to "The Parts People" in Scunthorpe for having a fundraising tub at their checkout for us. Since August 2016 it's been sat there, collecting in the pennies and we counted it up today and have collected in a grand total of £29.37. On average it costs us £1.25 each time we support someone so this is just over 23 connections with people who need us in our community.

If you'd be happy to have a tub please get in touch via email ( or phone 07730 525349 and ask for Karen. We'd love to get as many tubs as possible out into the local community. 

May 2017 - what a month!!!

Evening with the Elderberries - A huge thank you to our volunteer Lynne who played her part in organising "An evening with the elderberries" at the Congregational church in Scunthorpe on the 19th May. In total this great event raised £546!!! Thank you so much to everyone who attended.

Chloe's Nail Bar - Launched in May we have been contacted by Chloe's Nail Bar who explains she has set a new business up and donating some of the profits from each sale to Scunthorpe Samaritans!!! Check out her page now and if you need your nails doing think of her :) 

North Lincs Half Marathon - We have been asked for the second year to run a water station at the North Lincs Half Marathon. As part of this we get free running places to offer to our supporters. A huge thank you to Zoe Dent and Andrea Berry who ran for us this year and in total raised over £810!!! We then were donated £80 by Tape to Tape (the organisers of the event) for running the station. A great day was had by all and we've already been asked back next year! Thank you to all the volunteers who helped on the day, to Zoe, Andrea and Tape to Tape for the opportunity. 

Graham's Day - This is a memorial football game organised by a group of colleagues in memory of their colleague Graham. On the 14th May they held a Charity Football match at Scunthorpe United Football club, a raffle and much much more. In total they raised over £1500!! Thank you so much. Click here to see an article published in Scunthorpe Telegraph about the event. Below is a picture of the teams ready to head into a football battle :) 

Charity Football Match in North Lincolnshire. As well as Graham's day another football match took place this month on the 13th May. In total these lovely gents raised over £1000!! Two matches in one weekend. We couldn't believe it! Here is our branch director collecting in the money raised. 

Dress Down Day - St Bedes Academy Scunthorpe. Thank you to the staff and students at St Bede's Academy in Scunthorpe. They held a dress down day for us this month and raised an amazing £550. Here is our outreach volunteer Tom accepting the cheque from the students!!

December 2016

Huge thank you's to Heslam Park Rugby Club, they answered a call to have some of our fundraising tubs around the area. They contacted us to say they were full and they've raised a total of £26.50 in loose change since August!! Brilliant. Every 1p really does count and this proves it. The tubs are still there so we shall see what the total looks like over the next few months! Thank you!!

October 2017

Gruesome Twosome - Huge thank you's to Donna Marsh & Leanne Walker. They both stepped up last minute to run a half marathon at the Gruesome Twosome on the 15th October. 1 of them loved the experience, the other, not so much!!! They raised £25 for Scunthorpe Samaritans. Thank you to Alan Rayment for these places and thank you in advance to the ladies for raising some vital funds for us!

Halloween Spin Session - We'd also love to say thank you to Kingsway Fitness Suite who ran a Halloween Spin for us this October and Steve (dressed here as a witch!) set out fundraising for us around North Lindsey college. In total they raised £90.83, a huge thank you to the team for this great effort. 

Bingo!!! And finally this October we had our Bingo event!!! On the 28th October over 100 people came along to Brumby Hall Social Club to support our cause and in total we raised £1190!!! We can't believe it. There are too many thank you's to offer out as we were very very pleased lots of local businesses got onboard to provide us with raffle prizes but we would like to say thank you to Ellie Hurrell from Eleanors Events (pictured here with the facepaint) for helping us organise the event, thank you to Alan Rayment (top right photo) for being our bingo caller for the evening & a massive thank you to all who attended!!

Thank you to OSI and GN Projects Ltd

We'd also like to say a huge thank you to OSI and GN Projects Ltd for installing new LED security Lighting at our branch! Our volunteers are very pleased and so are we. Thank you so much! 

September 2017

Thank you goes to Simon Wright who took place on his first ever skydive on the 4th September and decided to raise money for Scunthorpe Samaritans. Simon and a friend decided to do the skydive and it was fair to say Simon wasn't looking forward to it!! He's raised a total of £490 so far and the figure is continuing to rise. Thank you very much Simon!! His mydonate page is here if you'd like to sponsor Simon please do so here. 

We'd also like to say thank you very much to Ongo UK for fundraising for us. In total they raised £240. We then ceased the opportunity and asked some of the fundraisers for a photo shoot doing the #ItsOkayToTalk symbol that is amazingly sweaping the nation. Thank you Ongo. 


August 2016

Huge thank you to Wendy Swannick who held a coffee morning to help raise us vital funds on the 27th August. There was coffee, tea, cake, face painting and a raffle. In total £124 was raised in the space of 4 hours which is just brilliant. Thank you to Wendy and thank you to all who attended.

Brigg Tesco's

A huge thank you to the customers and staff at Tesco's in Brigg, North Lincolnshire We went there on the 5th August 2016 with our collection buckets and raise a great total of £251.56. Thank you to the team for making us feel welcome and everyone who donated on the day. Here's a photo of 2 of our volunteers Tina and Trevor just about to start their shift fundraising!


July 2016

Thank you to Cymarc!

Mark Hooton who is know for his business being run as an inclusive business where employees are friends and valued as extended family members has made a donation to The Samaritans. The cheque has come from his own pocket as his small business has no provision for charity donations. The donation is welcome and what is more important is that Mark is supporting our work. He is a well known and respected person in our business community and will be a great champion for the samaritans. Please visit his website.

Thank you to Shona Pridgeon

Also we reported in May that Shona ran the Scunthorpe Half Marathon to raise money for Scunthorpe Samaritans. The total is in and she has raised £270 for the charity! Great work and thank you Shona!!! Here she is at the end of the race with her brother Bash who ran for Bloodwise Winterton


May 2016

A huge thank you to Shona Pridgeon and Andy Hensby who both ran the North Lincs Half Marathon to raise money for Scunthorpe Samaritans. Also a huge thank you to the 15 none branch volunteers who helped our team run a Water Station during the Half Marathon and to say thank you Tape2Tape (the race organisers) donated £75 to the branch.